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      Parenting Passport™

      Have you heard that you need to talk to your kids immediately after they’ve gotten into trouble to “teach them a lesson”? The Parenting Passport discipline book will teach you just the opposite! Learn how to change your child’s behavior by teaching them how to “stop” themselves.


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      S.O.L.V.E. is an interactive, logical, “how to” workshop designed to help parents and providers deal with any behavioral issues they face when working with children. S.O.L.V.E. is designed for professionals who teach parenting classes or support families through in-home visiting, childcare and pre-school settings.

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      The Child Connection™

      If you want to know why your kids are behaving a certain way, you will want to watch this insightful DVD. Parents will learn exactly how they get into troubling situations with their kids without intending it and how to get out of trouble and restore calm in the household.