Why do emotions always run high at the Olympics?

Because feelings rule; whatever we feel comes first & that drives our behavior!
First of all, what a thrill it would to watch your child succeed in an ultimate way, competing as an Olympian. Very few of us parents will ever experience that thrill, but we certainly can watch, listen and learn lessons from these Olympic games with our kids.
I often think of the age old Olympic quote, “The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat” and wonder if we are preparing our kids to gracefully accept their triumphs and graciously swallow their defeats for their social success?
And the answer is that whether or not we have been preparing them for their defeats, we can! If we embrace improving our child’s emotional quotient (EQ) with as much enthusiasm and conviction as we do for their academic success our children will be fully prepared for life’s disappointments.
Teaching social emotional skills are really is as easy as 1-2-3 or the A-B-C’s. We must take the time to not only define & identify a feeling your child might be having, but help them reach that ah-ha moment about what they normally do to cope with that feeling!
One major hopeful to win gold during these 2014 Winter Olympics was Shaun White.  We unfortunately fell shot of the medal podium, but he truly handled his feeling of disappointment with grace.  He not only showed great sportsmanship, but he knew what he needed to get through his disappointment…A HUG! Read more about what a great example Shaun White can be for our kids!
Finally, let PFF teach them 100′s of ways to DEAL with their feelings for academic & social success, Dr. Ann