What do TEAM sports teach?

As the excitement of Super Bowl weekend is upon us, I am not just reminded of watching of football, although I am a huge fan, but of what my son and daughter learned through their participation in team sports.

This past weekend my 33 year old son visited and invited 15 of his high school friends over for a BBQ.  I looked around our kitchen and saw lifelong friendships that started 25 years ago when they all first met playing team sports.  And every holiday my 28 year old daughter has a reunion with her song teammates to share their lives now and remember the experiences they all shared dancing together 10 years ago.

Traditionally some parents think of team sports as a way for their children to achieve recognition or scholarships or just plain popularity.  But, there are more profound lessons and benefits from getting involved with a team.  Your child doesn’t need to be the ‘best’ or most talented or coordinated on a team to receive these lifelong benefits…

  • Friends for life
  • Leadership roles & learning peer group social skills, like cooperation
  • Confidence in achieving goals
  • Health and exercise (Click HERE for an easy healthy Super Bowl Snack idea)

As your family enjoys the super bowl, even if it is just to see which commercials they like the best, remember to encourage your child to join a team.  It doesn’t have to be the football team; it could be the chess team or spelling team or art team or girl & boy scouts just as long as you give your child the opportunity to experience the benefits of being part of a team.

Enjoy Super Bowl and go Bronco’s…sorry Seattle fans, but University of Denver is my Alma mater!

Dr. Ann