The beginning of “Talking Back”

HI Ann,

Also, while I understand your philosophy easily, can you specifically advise me on how I might handle loud talking/babbling/screaming when unappropriate (like library). Cali is 17 mos and generally non-verbal.

Thanks so much, Steph


Dr. Ann Corwin, The Parenting Doctor Advice

As far as the loud talking, etc. you describe Cali doing at her age of 17 months that is totally normal, even if it is annoying or embarrassing in public. First of all, the main emphasis to help get rid of these behaviors is to work 24/7 on developing her verbal skills.

Because as soon as she has more words or “signs” to express how she feels and what she wants, the sooner these behaviors will go away. So “label” everything for her and when she does make appropriate sounds, make sure you pay attention to that by looking at her and touching and talking back to her.

Then when she does the behaviors you don’t want like screaming or loud talking turn her around immediately, do not talk to her and hold her away from your body if you can and put her somewhere where she cannot interact with anyone…”time-out”, but remember it does not matter “where” you put her or “how long”, just that she gets the idea that if I scream no one talks or pays attention to that behavior.

Then again remember to pay “more” attention when she does the type of talking/communicating you want. Hope that helps? Have a great weekend, Ann