Super Nanny is Back!

Have you heard the news? The Super Nanny season premier is Friday, today! Who knows what this season will bring? I am hoping some developmentally accurate information will be shared on the show.

The advertisement for the Super Nanny show again depicts the Super Nanny as someone every family needs for healthy parenting. Parents, try to remember when you watch, that you are your child’s best teacher.

The reason your kids behave better for others, including the Super Nanny, is because no one unconditionally loves your kids the way you do.

While it is frustrating that your kids treat you badly, it also means your kids feel safe enough with you to misbehave. In other words, your kids know you will love them anyway.

Watch this season with a discerning eye. You know best as parents. Keep in touch and let me know what you think of the show this season.

I’ll be watching, Dr. Ann