Stop Child Predators

I like to think of myself as politic free. I do not want to influence any parent one way or the other on political issues. I am not going to start now, but there is a bill in the Senate that every Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc. should be aware of.

Literally millions of innocent not just children, but infants are abused and exploited by adult sexual predators on the Internet. Oprah, wisely so, has brought this sick behavior to the general public’s eye.

It is easy to write, call or e-mail your senator to ask them to support Senate Bill 1738 Protect Our Children Act. Just go to and look on the right side of the home page and find Exclusive and click on “Help Pass the Protect Our Children Act”.

Then just follow directions to copy and paste a form letter you can send to your senator (or write your own letter). In a nutshell, this bill will fund law enforcement’s purchase of computer software to track down Internet predators.

For the past 30 years I have been working to prevent child abuse and neglect. Thank you for listening to my request to consider supporting the millions of children and families that are victimized on a daily basis by sexual abusers.

Thanks to Oprah’s attention to this profound problem, we can all be a part of the solution.

Hug your children close, Dr. Ann