Sarah Palin, Alaskan ‘Mother’ Governor for Vice-President

Parenting should come first. The question that lots of parents might be asking themselves now is, “Can you be the 2nd most powerful person in the world and still take good care of your kids”?

The answer is not easy, because there are no families that parent the same. Every family is unique and what works for one family may not work in another. Does parenting mean that mothers (& fathers) need to be close by at all times or that parent and child should spend most of their time together?

However you answer these questions for yourselves, there are some universal truths about parenting that all families should heed.

* Children need their mothers (& fathers).

* Time and involvement builds bonds between parent and child.

* Shared mutual experience is how kids learn about relationships.

* Carpool and after school snack time is when kids share information.

* All children experience separation from their parent.

* Teaching kids how to cope with missing mom and dad is a parent’s responsibility.

* Every family needs to be extended.

* Loving, caring adults to share in raising children can do nothing but enhance your child’s basic trust in the world.

So, let’s all watch and see if and how Sarah Palin manages her family and her potential new responsibility to the rest of the world.

Do you think she can do justice to both her family and this nation?

Talk to me, Dr. Ann