Riding the Emotional Roll-A-Coaster…Elections & Economy

How can parents teach their kids emotional education when their own emotions are all over the place? The current world environment, believe it or not, provides the best opportunity for parents to learn how to teach their kids about their feelings.

I feel pretty safe in saying that the universal feeling that everyone has right now is INSECURITY. No one knows how the election will turn out, no one knows what is the next economic turn and no one seems to know what to do about our current state of affairs.

All this uncertainty equals INSECURITY.

Regardless of how helpless and confused we all are feeling, it forces us to look at ‘how’ we deal with our feelings. So, take a second and try to define for yourself what you are doing in order to deal with your insecurity. This is your first step in knowing what to teach your kids when they feel insecure.

*If you distract yourself, by turning off the news, that same technique could work with your kid’s insecurities.

In other words, keep your kids away from what causes their insecurity, which could be a bully on the street or at school.

*If you assure yourself about what you have, that you will never lose, that reassurance may help your kids as well.

For children this means they need to know what belongs to them and why they are so unique to their family.

INSECURITY is a feeling of doubt and fear; not safe or exposed to risk or danger or anything that is unreliable.

Teach your kids what to do when they feel insecure.

Practice healthy reactions to your own insecurities and that will model for your kids exactly what to do with theirs.

This feeling like all others will come and go. When your kids feel ‘SECURE’ make sure to give them tons of time and your attention and they will crave that feeling and know how to get it thanks to you!

Let me know how you’re dealing,

Dr. Ann