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Dr. Ann has been asked to contribute to this site through video shows.
Every week there are featured video for parents to view. So we thought we would share some of the upcoming shows and tell you where to find Dr. Ann.

On November 2nd the video show featured on is titled “Sleeping Through the Night”. Dr. Ann is one of the experts contributing to this video, which covers the following questions:
Why do babies wake up during the night?
Realistic expectations about babies sleep patterns.
What age can babies usually sleep through the night?
What to do to help your baby sleep better.
How lovey’s help kids manage being away from their parents.
The importance of a bedtime routine.
Why is it important for kids to learn good sleep habits at a young age?
Specific ways for parents to ‘get back to sleep’ once their child wakes them.

On November 10th Dr. Ann will be on a video called Media Diets for Kids
…Balancing Screen Time at Home! This video answers the following questions?
How do parents today balance their kid’s media diets?
How much is too much?
Can parents take a more active role and take control of the media their kids watch?
Is a child ‘digitally disadvantaged’ if he or she isn’t allowed access to what other kids are watching and interacting with?

Other shows featured in November and early December are listed below.
Pregnancy Sex, Three in a Bed, ADHD, Prenatal Fitness and Morning Sickness, so go to for some fun, informative answers to all your parenting questions!