Obama vs. McCain Education Plans for Young Children through College

McCain and Obama have very different ideas on education. For the record, I am not endorsing either of these presidential candidates. But, do think everyone who has children should know what presidential plans they have for our kids.

If you have preschoolers you should know that:

Obama would put $10 billion of your tax dollars into early childhood (birth to 5) education programs. Because he says, every $1 invested in good programs saves $7 to $10 in reduced need for jails, welfare and unemployment.

McCain does say he will grant $200,000 to well-run Head Start programs. He praises the federal education policy of “No Child Left Behind”, saying it has “revealed enormous information about the performance of schools”.

McCain will give bonuses to teachers who improve their skills. He will redirect existing federal education dollars to bonuses for teachers who work in high-need areas.

Obama also will give raises to teachers who improve their skills. He would provide full scholarships to future teachers willing to spend four years in high-need areas.

Both want to attract more qualified teachers with financial perks.

Obama wants to offer $4,000-a-year college tuition credit to all students in exchange for 100 hours of community service per year.

McCain wants to expand the $13 million Washington tuition voucher program by $7 million.

*Source San Francisco Chroncile, Monday, October 20, 2008 “Big Difference in education plans” article.

Decide for yourself. But, be sure to make an educated decision for your children’s future. Parents, you are your child’s first teacher and you have a vote. So, every child’s educational support is in your hands,

Dr. Ann