New Year’s Resolutions… Learn, Give, Grow and Change!

January of any year is famously all about promises. At the beginning of the year we usually reflect on the last and resolve to change in the year ahead. Change is good, it means we
are moving forward and not feeling so stuck. But, where I
always get stuck is the ‘talking’ about change instead of just doing it.

So this year I resolve to quit talking so much and start doing more!

My thoughts for family resolutions are:

Respect opinions of others but ignore that free advice your friends, family and neighbors give you about your kids and then do what you know is right for your unique family.

Count to at least ’3′ in your head before you speak harshly to your children, because they all learn by your model.

Always give your kids the benefit of the doubt (just like you’d appreciate) before convicting them of the ‘crimes’ it seems like they have committed against you or their siblings.

Exercise yourself and invite your children to join you.

Forgiveness is the key to building a trusting relationship. So forgive even if you are having a hard time forgetting what someone in your family did to you.

Tolerate your own imperfections and watch how easy it becomes to deal with mistakes your kids make in their behavior. After all practice makes perfect in every aspect of our lives.

As you are resolving to change and find yourself wanting or needing some support my Parenting Passport discipline book and Pocket Full of Feelings program are a great place to start! I am also available for phone and in-home consultations to help you work though any questions you may have about making 2013 the smoothest year of parenting ever!

Let me know how you plan to learn, give, grow and change in 2013!

Happy New Year, Dr. Ann

*Coming soon: Pocket Full of Feelings, a product for family emotional literacy learning.