Kids and Cancer

Sometimes kids give the best advice. I was so struck by this article about a daughter who helped her mom through breast cancer that I wanted to spread the wise words of this 10 year old.

Here are her ’8′ suggestions for kids if someone has breast cancer…

1-”If you are worried, scared or frightened, it is all right to ask questions”.

2-”You could help out your mom around the house”.

3-”You could read, sing or dance for your mom”.

4-”"You can write down your thoughts”.

5-”You can draw pictures of your feelings”.

(This is helpful if you are too little to write. This is a nice way to express your feeling whether you are angry, sad, confused or happy”.)

6-”You can help your mom change her bandages and take her medicine”.

7-”If you have brothers and sisters, you can occupy them so they don’t bug your mom”.

8-”Bring your mom something special every day to let her know that you are thinking

about her”.

*Note: This article appeared in the Laguna Niguel News/, Oct 9, 2008.