Got Plans for the Holidays?

I am sure you are already planning where you will be for the holidays, what to buy, what you will donate to others, what parties you will attend, who will be coming over to your house, what to eat for special holiday meals and the list goes on and on.
But, do you have a plan for when your kids go wild with too much fun, food, candy, visiting relatives, presents, not enough sleep or fighting with their siblings?

I don’t think anyone would deny that when you plan ahead, things go smoothly. So I’d like to help you add to your list of plans, a plan for discipline with your kids during this hectic, busy, stressful yet joyful time of the year.

Here’s an excerpt from my new discipline plan book called “Parenting Passport”!

Nearly every parent at one point or another says to him or herself, “I just want my child to stop doing that”! But what parents really want is for that misbehavior to go away permanently.

Parenting Passport discipline plan book is all about teaching your children new ways to behave so parents won’t just stop their child misbehaving but will see all acting out go away forever.

Just practice these basic rules and watch for the fantastic results:

1-Make sure your list of family ‘rules’ state what you want your kids to do, not a bunch of don’ts like, don’t hit your brother or stop whining.
2-Always surprise your kids with time and attention either from you or their friends when they behave appropriately by telling them what behavior makes you and everybody else want to hang out with them.
3-Remember that when you do have to give your kids consequences that taking away ‘things’ won’t change their behavior & bribing them with things (toys, computer time) won’t stop them from misbehaving.

Planning sometimes seems like tons of time and work, but in reality your “Parenting Passport” discipline plan will save you time because you won’t be using your time trying to figure out how to deal with your kid’s behavior, you’ll know exactly what to do.

The “Parenting Passport” the pocket-perfect discipline book will be available for you and your friends and family in January 2010 on Dr. Ann’s website!