Economic Crisis & Your Kids

This economic downturn affects everyone, children included. Because there is no money, all services for kids will be compromised from classroom size to school closings and unemployment support for children whose parents have lost their jobs. Parents worry not only about how to provide for their children, but what should they tell their kids about the state of our economy, if anything.

The answer is different depending upon the ages of your kids. Here are some guidelines to make your job as a parent easier in tough times.

Kids up until the age of three or four only know that if their parent is happy, they are too. To help relieve your stress about your finances P.L.A.Y. with your kids. On March 28, 2009 I will be offering P.L.A.Y. workshop (Physically Laughing Along with Youngsters) at the CA Association for the Education of Young Children conference in Sacramento, CA.

Laughter is the best medicine as they say! Playing your cares away is a gift that young children give to their parents. So laugh and play, even for a moment with your kids and your troubles will seem further away. The model your kids will see is that stress can be washed away with playful smiles.

School age children know and feel the tension in your family during these trying times, so don’t try to hide it. Instead teach your kids what to do.

When you are uncertain about the future the best solution is to SAVE.

Talk to your kids about the “rainy day” concept and be their example by putting a few pennies in your piggy bank and theirs, so the future doesn’t have to be so scary.

Teens and young adult children are worried about keeping their jobs. Tell them to focus on the unique talents that they bring to their work. Make sure they show their boss how invaluable they are by continuing to contribute hard work. If they do get laid off, be sure to tell them it is not their fault and encourage them through your support.

If you are a parent who has lost their job and you need your kids support to get through your crisis, do not hesitate to ask. Everyone needs to feel needed. Healthy families are built on mutual respect & trusting each other.

Stick with your kids no matter what their age during this crisis. If you lose your home remember that, “home is truly where the heart is”! Your kids only need you, not a place, to know they are loved,

Dr. Ann