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The Stir at Café Mom is where we like to imagine we’re sitting in a coffee shop with a bunch of our friends. Yes, we talk about our kids — but we also talk about life. And watch out, because once you get us on a roll there is no stopping us! It isn’t often we get to chat with our pals — uninterrupted — and so we make sure to take full advantage of this time together. The best part is, amongst friends, nothing is ever off limits. Our conversation might be about school lunches one minute, new shoes the next, and our sex life (or lack there-of) the next. The Stir allows us to be ourselves for a moment, to talk about the things that are important to us, and to help us find solutions to the issues in our lives that worry us.

The Stir will give you everything from personal stories to parenting advice to decorating tips to the news of the day (that you would know had you had the time to read the paper.) We will make sure you are in-the-know at the next after school activity or cocktail party! Our goal is to bring you honest, energetic, fun, thoughtful content — all in one place — to help you stay connected to the world around you.

So grab your drink, pull up a chair, and join us at The Stir with Dr. Ann…Enjoy!