Do you BELIEVE in Santa?

Every year parents ask me what is the best ‘age’ to tell your kids there is no Santa Claus? This year seems like that question is being asked more than ever!

Sometimes parents just get the feeling that their child might not believe in Santa anymore or their kids reach a certain chronological age and their friends tell them Santa isn’t real!

Or sometimes your kids just ask straight forward questions like, “Do you wrap my presents or does Santa? How come the Elf on the Shelf hasn’t moved in a couple of days? Is there really a North Pole? How does Santa fit down our chimney and how does he know what I want?”

Parents will come to me and say “I don’t want to lie to my kids, but I also don’t want to burst their bubble about believing”.

The key to answering this important and heartfelt family tradition lies in the word “believing”! Believing in Santa Claus is just like any other belief, it’s personal and it lasts as long as anyone wants! So if your child asks if you believe there is a Santa Claus and you ‘did’ and ‘do’ then tell them that. Believing is not a matter of truth or lies, it’s what you believe and you’re entitled to it.

Enjoy your family traditions for a lifetime and let your children, no matter what their age, have beliefs in all sorts of things, only one being Santa Claus.

Personally, I have a strong belief system and it brings me countless joy this holiday season.
Happy Holiday, Dr. Ann

*Coming soon: Pocket Full of Feelings, a product for family emotional literacy learning.