California Kids Could Lose Everything…On May 19

Politics are not my usual topic of discussion when it comes to children and families. But, I am extremely compelled to communicate accurate information to you about proposition 1-D, one of the CA May 19th special election initiatives.

In 1998, CA Children & Families Act formed a State Commission to oversee & support funding for the education of children from 0 to 5 years called First 5 California. Before any of these funds raised from taxes on tobacco (proposition 10) could be distributed county commissioners had to develop complicated strategic plans based on extensive public input. This process of course took time, but did insure that all of those funds went directly to children except 1% used for administrative functions.

First 5 California is so crucial to CA children because it;

* Improves children’s mental and physical health

* Provides quality preschool for kindergarten readiness

* Strengthens at-risk families which protects children from harm

* Increases child’s safety from abuse & neglect

1-D proposition deceptive description says that it protects children services funding and helps balance the budget, but the reality is if it passes it will take money that currently funds over 100 programs, like

KCET’s PBS show, “A Place of Our Own” and fills the holes in other areas of the CA state budget deficit.

Please read this proposition carefully, get the facts at Decide for yourself, but please vote!

Another FYI, T. Berry Brazelton, M.D., respected pediatrician says VOTE NO on 1-D!

Think about,

Dr. Ann