Borrow a cup of sugar maybe, but babies…what are parents thinking?

Network television has sunk to a new low with the premiere of NBC’s “The Baby Borrowers”. I don’t cry very easily, especially by female standards, but I was reduced to tears last night while watching this show and the horrific events that took place.

How could these parents part with their babies to virtual strangers, much less to kids who have never parented?

Just imagine at any age, being dropped off at someone’s house. You have never seen them before, T.V. cameras and extremely bright lights are in your face, and there is no one you recognize to help you make sense out of where you are or whether you will be there forever. You would be terrified even as an adult.

These babies were extremely upset when they were left alone and at one point, one teen says, “This is not the happy baby we were introduced to”. Well, of course not, this child is experiencing extreme separation anxiety and over stimulation. These children were in a state of constant distress.

And what about neglect? This show was full of it! Everyone is to blame: from the producers, the teenager’s parents, the babies parents and teens that put these children in harms way.

I lost it completely when the teenager that was trying to feed the baby said, “Open up” and when the baby didn’t respond to the girl, she replied, “Ok, then, starve”.

There was absolutely no redeeming value in this show. The only things it accomplished were exploiting children and making teenagers look like they couldn’t handle parenting, which of course they shouldn’t be able to, as they are just kids as well.

If babies are not constantly touched, talked to and looked at by their parents they will begin to believe they have been abandoned.

The USA Today article (June 25) sums up “The Baby Borrowers” with this quote, “We have turned caring for our children into a game, and their suffering when the care falters into entertainment”.

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