Are Your Kids Getting into Trouble in School?

Some of the most famous, successful people had trouble in school.

I was lucky enough to go to school with Chris VanAllsberg, author and illustrator of the famous book, “The Polar Express”, which was made into a block-buster movie. Chris was forever being reminded by his teachers to stop drawing and pay attention. Well, now we see clearly what Chris was driven to do, constantly use him imagination and practice his drawing, even though it got him into trouble in school.

Recently, I have consulted with lots of families who face the same dilemma. There is a fine line between children who are disruptive because they have learning disabilities or ADD/ADHD and those whose personalities are destined for greatest!

Remember to be watching for your children’s greatness, their positive personality traits and teach them when and where to cultivate their talents.

Because practicing to draw a award winning book just doesn’t happen in a child’s spare time. But, that being said, kids do need to learn how to not disrupt a classroom in the process. And don’t assume that school troubles always mean there is something wrong with your child.

The kids that talk the most, will be the leaders of their teams. The kids that think ‘outside the box’ and act on it, will be corporate leaders and visionaries. The kids that cannot stop humming, will be song artists. The kids that make music with the pots and pans will be in the marching band.

Please feel free to share with me your child’s talents and think about how they could use them to become successful human beings. Just remember you need to steer them in the right direction, but keep your faith in finding out what special treats your child has to offer the world,

Dr. Ann