Dr. Ann’s Parenting Consultations, either by phone or in-person, offer just the right balance to learn more effective parenting skills and better apply what you already know is best for your family.

Parents discipline their child’s negative behavior in order to see positive changes, and it is frustrating when that doesn’t happen no matter how hard you try. Dr. Ann is here to make those changes happen, without needing tons of time to do it. By talking to parents for a simple one-hour consultation, and then giving them two weeks to change their household dynamics, parents see progress. Dr. Ann believes in partnering with parents, so she’ll ask you to use her discipline techniques for two weeks and then you’ll check back in with her to monitor the effectiveness of the new discipline plan.

Pick up the phone, at your convenience, and have a quick phone chat with Dr. Ann for just $35.00 every 15 minutes that you want to talk. If talking in person is your preference, ask Dr. Ann to meet you for an hour for $150.00.

Most of Dr. Ann’s clients begin a relationship with her through a Parenting Consultation, and then once their parenting challenges begin improving, they take advantage of Dr. Ann’s Parenting Passport: a pocket guide for quick ways to apply the discipline they learned.