Harold Ambuehl Elementary School

Hi Ann! This is a very heartfelt, although belated, THANK YOU for speaking at our school! I can’t tell you how much the parents enjoyed it! Just a few days after the engagement I was at a soccer party and heard a DAD sharing with several other families the things he’d learned. Then, this weekend, I was at a party and a mom came up to let me know how much she appreciated hearing you speak and asked if we could get you every month for a “parenting tune-up.” When she spoke up, several people near-by chimed in also about what a great speaker you are and how very much their families benefited from the information. Thank you, again and again, for your wonderful presentation!

PAT Conference Speaker

  • I love the way you teach/present-your heart/warmth comes through
  • Energetic and passionate. Engaging, personable, very easy to understand
  • Really support’s PAT’s strength model
  •  Awesome to listen to
  • Wonderful info to share with parents
  •  Learned a lot of different outlooks

Christopher Green, Georgia, Forever grateful Dad of 3!

There is no adequate way to tell you about the strong impact you’ve had on myself and my children. Your knowledge, honesty and humor normalized my feelings about parenting. Anytime I find myself stuck on the problem with my kids, I just ask myself, “What would ‘The Parenting Doctor’ say?

Mike Hunter, California, Tired but successful Dad.

Thank you for being a strong voice of reason to all parents!

Sarah Lee, California, Mother who knows what the best resource is for mothering, Dr. Ann!

Swinging my child at the park became a defining moment in my life. Another mom came up to me and said, “I’ve been watching how beautifully behaved your daughter is, how did you do that?” All I said was “Dr. Ann!” Dr. Ann has been in my life for the past 4 years and she has amazingly effective tips and tools to use as a parent, and, more importantly, they work! I couldn’t image not having her as a resource.

Carol Link, Florida, A very grateful mommy and daddy!

Your wisdom, caring, tenderness and precious knowledge guided us easily through the most challenging and most beautiful roles of our lives. Thanks, Dr. Ann, for your presence in our lives.

Deanne Rizzo, Washington, In the running for super mom of the year!

Dr. Ann, you have given me the best gift a parent could ask for, you have taught me to trust myself as a mom! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the confidence to enjoy my first year of motherhood!

Wendy Mullen, California, Proud mom of no sibling rivalry in my house!

Dr. Ann saved my life more than once! My two kids were at each other’s throats constantly and Dr. Ann taught me how to get my sanity back! Thanks for giving me my confidence back.

Linda Russell, Illinois, Relieved Mom of would-be-professional baseball player

My child throws everything! After talking to Dr. Ann I know that throwing is normal, but the only piece I was missing is that kids need to know where and when and what to throw. So I don’t tell my son not to throw anymore, he just knows where and when to do it!

Suzy Weeks, California, Mother who knows better now

I used to tell my toddler that I was not going to tell him again, because he knows better! But, after listening to Dr. Ann I know now that ‘kids learn best by repetition’ so I take the time to tell them over and over what I expect of them!