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Does your child brag and you want it to stop?

Bragging is one way to deal with feeling Proud, but potentially bragging can get you into trouble.  There is a fine line between bragging and just telling someone how you feel about your accomplishments.  So, how do we teach our… June 24, 2014

Why Telling Your Child to JUST Calm Down won’t work!

  It’s very tempting when you see your child jumping up and down and screaming inappropriately in church or at story time in the library to say, “Shhhh” or tell them to calm down.  But, the reality is they cannot… June 9, 2014

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South Orange County Family Resource Center Classes!

My local South Orange County Family Resource Center just released their calender of events for January – April and there are tons of informative and fun classes available!  Check out their calender below…(Spanish speaking classes available as well) And if…

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    Parents' Consultation

    Dr. Ann’s Parenting Consultations, either by phone or in-person, offer just the right balance to learn more effective parenting skills and better apply what you already know is best for your family.

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    Conference Speaking

    Whether you’re looking for an engaging, educational parenting authority to speak during your next girls’ night out, or you need a professional keynote speaker for your next conference, Dr. Ann is a perfect choice!

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    Nutrition & Behavior

    Ann Corwin, M.Ed., Ph.D. and Denise Webster, BBA and Sears L.E.A.N. Health Coach, have teamed up together to educate families on better ways to FUEL their bodies for better behavior. Click here to learn more about how to FUEL your children’s bodies for better behavior, health and life long success.

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    Dr. Ann

    One of my greatest joys in my work is to be asked difficult questions by parents, educators and the media and collaborate with them until they achieve that "a-ha moment." I’m looking forward to working with you!

Parents' Picks

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      Juice Plus+®

      Do you struggle getting your kids to eat the recommended 9-13 servings of fruits and veggies everyday? Well, if you are like most families, this can be a daily challenge. You can easily support the biology of the child’s body with Juice Plus+ soft chews. It is simple, convenient, backed by medical research and it works. Plus, FUELING your child’s body correctly has everything to do with their behavior.

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      Pocket Full of Feelings™

      Dr. Ann’s newest breakthrough methodology for developing the way that children deal with their emotions, called Pocket Full of Feelings, is here! Parents and educators will find unique solutions to comprehending curious childhood behavior while learning how to improve that behavior. Find out more about Pocket Full of Feelings today!

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      Parenting Passport™

      Have you heard that you need to talk to your kids immediately after they’ve gotten into trouble to “teach them a lesson”? The Parenting Passport discipline book will teach you just the opposite! Learn how to change your child’s behavior by teaching them how to “stop” themselves.


Pocket Full of Feelings

Feelings are REAL and something we FEEL. What matters the most is the way that we DEAL!

The missing piece of the parenting puzzle is HERE: Pocket Full of Feelings! This breakthrough methodology is an easy-to-use program designed by moms and focused on developing children’s ability to manage their emotions, consisting of a storybook, parent guide, songs, the Feel & Deal Pocket Guide and much more. Learn more HERE!