Dr. Ann is Available!

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    Parents' Consultation

    Dr. Ann’s Parenting Consultations, either by phone or in-person, offer just the right balance to learn more effective parenting skills and better apply what you already know is best for your family.

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    Conference Speaking

    Whether you’re looking for an engaging, educational parenting authority to speak during your next girls’ night out, or you need a professional keynote speaker for your next conference, Dr. Ann is a perfect choice!

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    Dr. Ann

    One of my greatest joys in my work is to be asked difficult questions by parents, educators and the media and collaborate with them until they achieve that "a-ha moment." I’m looking forward to working with you!

Parents' Picks

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      Parenting Passport™

      Have you heard that you need to talk to your kids immediately after they’ve gotten into trouble to “teach them a lesson”? The Parenting Passport discipline book will teach you just the opposite! Learn how to change your child’s behavior by teaching them how to “stop” themselves.